Tiffany Puhy-Jenkins
Fashion Stylist, Costume Designer

I’m a beach loving yogini who loves clothes. I make jewelry, surf on occasion and I’m mama to the cutest young man.

I believe fashion should be effortless and fun and your product the star. When it comes to film/T.V. and theater I enjoy the collaboration that takes place in developing a character through their choice of clothing & accessories. What a character chooses to wear tells a great deal about who they are and I love being a part of that creative process.  I take my job seriously and I like to make work fun. I turn creative visions into reality and enjoy being part of a team.

Over the years I’ve been able to work with some amazing people on projects that have allowed me to learn and grow as a creative person.

I’ve been dressing people up since I was 5 and my Grandma would let me drape her in satin slips, cheap chiffon scarves and 1950’s jewelry. I love what I do!